DIY Floor Cleaning

Looking after your floors

Do it yourself with tips from the experts.

Stone Tiles

Solvent sealer should be used for exterior applications as waterbased sealer "rehydrate" when water is left to lay on the surface causing it to fail.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors must be buffed to maintain their lustre, the more you buff a floor, the harder the polish becomes , the easier it is to maintain, the longer will it last!.

Streak Free

For a clean and streak free floor use a neutral floor cleanser with a micro fibre mop.

Information Sheets

In depth information

Sealed Porcelain

Your floor has porosity, so we have sealed it with a penetrative sealer, this will allow a longer reaction time to clean spills.


Vinyl Floors

Your floor has been coated with a water based polymer polish, do not apply any more polish, as this build up and soil quicker.


Porcelain Tiles

Your floor is a ceramic tile which has a non porous finish, so you want to treat your floor like cleaning glass, minimum water, fast dry.